Babalisk is a folk music collective that explores and combines many areas of folk music, ranging from Klezmer and Balkan music to Argentinian tango, classical music and influences from the Middle East. Founded nearly 20 years ago by Kurdish violinist Brusk Zanganeh and Swedish-Polish pianist Martin Malmgren, Babalisk became known in their hometown Gothenburg as street musicians and as performers at music restaurants and elsewhere. From there, the band gradually became known for its unusual playfulness and mix of styles,, with several members being trained as classical musicians as well. Ever since, Babalisk has regularly been invited to perform at folk music festivals and events, continuing to mix genres and influences in an infinite number of ways. 
As former owners of a music studio, Babalisk has to date also recorded and produced a number of CDs of their own, and appeared on radio and TV. 

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